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199 Shots  105 seconds, 20/25 & 30mm Bore


 Night Stalker is actually a box of two compounds ignitions which can be fired individually or linked to make one larger firework. Lasting 1:45 and firing 199 shots you just know that this is going to be a cake full of exciting effects and pace and it doesn’t disappoint from the off! Starting with a gold brocade comet which spits a blue star and gold glitter horsetail with the most amazing hang time. This is followed by red glitter mines rising to lime green and pink tails to crossettes of the same. Gold glitter tiger tails pulse fire in banks of 4 shots to reveal huge glittering gold willows, but each burst is acompanied by a super bright coloured dahlia star of either blue, green or yellow. A fanned volley of gold brocades to red ghost follows. Triple shots of alternating red and yellow peony to dragon eggs preceed another z-firing fan of tourbillion tails to red and blue peony to wintersweet and back again with pink and orange peony and wintersweet before one final sweep of purple and green to wintersweet, topped off with a volley of dirty gold glitter brocades with blue stars and gold strobe



£358.99 Regular Price
£300.00Sale Price