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Fireworks are classified into a variety of different categories and these categories can cause confusion when deciding what you want to buy. Our blog is designed to help you with that decision ensuring you have safe and spectacular firework display.

With categories F1,F2,F3 and F4 the categories are simple defined as:

· Category F1 – Indoor Fireworks – presenting a very low hazard and intended for use in confined areas like inside domestic buildings.

· Category F2 – Garden Fireworks – present a low hazard and are intended for outdoor use in areas such as small gardens.

· Category F3 – Display Fireworks – present a medium hazard, which are intended for outdoor use in larger gardens or open areas such as private fields.

· Category F4 – Professional Fireworks – have a high hazard, which are intended for use only by persons with specialist knowledge/professional company for use within professional displays.- YOU AS THE GENERAL PUBLIC CANNOT PURCHASE THESE

Do not confuse these categories with the hazard type category used with regards to transportation and storage of fireworks, normally identified by a hazard diamond on the outer box or on the outside of a vehicle. The hazard types are defined as:

· Hazard Type 1 (HT1 or 1.1g fireworks) – can present as a very high hazard with potential of mass explosion.

· Hazard Type 2 (HT2 or 1.2g fireworks) – present a serious projectile hazard but does not have a mass explosive hazard.

· Hazard Type 3 (HT3 or 1.3g fireworks) – Has a fire hazard and minor blast and projectile hazard but does not have a mass explosion hazard.

· Hazard Type 4 (HT4 or 1.4g fireworks) – presents a low fire hazard and with no significant blast or projectile hazard.


Don’t confuse these categories with hazard type and believe the higher category the better the firework. The most commonly use classifications the members of the public can buy are categories F2 and F3 although F1 can also be purchased.

They will find these fireworks fall into either HT3(1.3G) or HT4 (1.4G) with HT3 ~(1.3G) being the higher classification and in general offering the bigger bursts and effects within the fireworks, 1.4g fireworks also produce stunning effects and value for money.


This will depend on the occasion, your available budget and how long you want your display to last. Generally 1.3g fireworks are bigger and louder, but that’s no guarantee they are better than some of our 1.4g fireworks, with many stunning low noise fireworks available.

Check out the product video’s and see what takes your fancy and see if this meets your budget and most importantly the size of your garden…..

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